Chen Cao

Instagram: @chencao267



Artist Statement


Growing up with physical disability I tend to contemplate one the limits of human potential. At an early age, it had occurred to me that there is this idea of mind and body. And the two are distinctly different. The nature of the body is fleeting and the nature of the mind subtle. Yet both are  victims of impermanence.


My work explores the idea of control and discipline relative to the ethereal human condition. Using myself as a subject I attempt to convey a universal truth which is unbounded by space and time.


Chen grew up in Scarborough Ontario and pursued fine arts at Ontario College of Art and Design. He draws inspiration form both eastern and western philosophies while pursuing an aesthetic of his own. He lives more ascetically to create a certain energy in his art.





•Being, Two-person show, Project Gallery 2015


•ASAP group show 2012

•Optical Elixir group show 2012

•One Good Night 2012

•Awenda Inspired Exhibition, Creatures 2012

•OCADU 98th Graduate Exhibition 2013

•Figure show, Project Gallery 2013

•Humans, CFA 2013

•TOAE 2013

•Salon Show, Project Gallery, 2014

•Contemplation, group show, Gallery M 2014

•It looks how it looks, group show, Project Gallery 2014

•The Immaculate Self, group show Black Cat, 2014

- Whythe @ do you paint, Gladstone Hotel 2016

- Oil Painters of America yearly show, Cincinnati. 2017


•Docent at 60 Painters Exhibition 2012


- Received Ontario Arts Council Grant 2017